The Aerobed Air Mattress is the number one choice for those who need a bed for camping, a guest bed or for traveling on the road. Aerobed is the number one name in inflatable mattresses that deliver a high-quality mattress that is easily stored away when it is not in use. The benefits of the Aerobed Air Mattress make it the ideal mattress to choose when you need a portable bed for your home or to pack in the car and take with you on the road.

Large Range of Aerobed Air Mattresses

The first benefit of the Aerobed Air Mattress is the large range of different products available to choose from. Aerobed offers a mattress specifically for camping, one that is very similar to a traditional bed and the original air mattress. There are various sizes of Aerobed’s for adults and kids alike. Aerobed even has a model designed to work like a sofabed. The large selection of models means that consumers can find the right bed for their needs.Aerobed Air Mattresses

Aerobed Air Mattresses inflate and deflate in seconds. The technology for inflation and deflation mean that it is a simple process to inflate the mattress when it is needed and deflate to store it away. The quick inflation allows you to get the bed up and ready to sleep on in seconds. This is the perfect solution for unexpected guests in your home.

Every Aerobed Air Mattress comes in its own storage sack so that it can be put away in the closet when it is not in use. Aerobed Air Mattresses are easy to fold up when not in use. The deflation system in the Aerobed Mattress removes all of the air out of the mattress for easy folding and storage.

The mattresses are made of heavy-duty materials that will not become punctured when used outside. The heavy-duty materials also hold the air in the mattress so that it does not become deflated during sleep. The materials for an Aerobed Air Mattress allow for up to 275 kg of weight and still stay inflated fully. The heavy seam construction keeps the air in the mattress where it belongs. The memory foam mattress has a lighter weight at the same thickness and size.

Aerobed One-button Inflation

One-button inflation is available on the Aerobed Air Mattress, which does not require additional pumps and equipment to inflate the air mattress. All Aerobed mattresses come with the electric pump that is built into the design. The air flows directly into the air mattress without leaking or going back out the other way. The only method for air to escape the Aerobed Air Mattress is through the deflation button which releases the air immediately from the mattress.

Adjusting the Firmness and Support of Aerobed Mattresses

The mattress is designed with a comfort control that allows the user to adjust the firmness of the air mattress for proper spinal alignment. The firmness of a mattress is largely a matter of taste and preference. The comfort control allows users to individualize the mattress to their specific sleep preference. For those taking the Aerobed Air Mattress camping, the comfort control offers a good night’s sleep under the stars.Adjusting the Firmness and Support of Aerobed Mattresses

The technology behind the Aerobed Air Mattress makes the inflatable bed feel like a traditional bed. In fact, the bed can be used as a permanent bed. Many people find that the Aerobed’s comfort control allows much more control over the firmness of the bed than a traditional innerspring mattress or other types of bed.

Aerobed Air Mattresses can be purchased right from the company for quick delivery. The full range of products includes raised beds and mattresses. The Aerobed company features a variety of sizes and designs to suit any taste and need. Children’s size air mattresses are the perfect size to use on a camping trip when space may be harder to find.

Aerobed Mattress Guarantee

All Aerobed Air Mattress products have a one year guarantee on the mattress and a guarantee between two and five years on the motor for the pump. The company will replace or repair your Aerobed Air Mattress if something unexpected happens. Your guarantee will be handled where you purchased your air mattress. Customer service is available on the Aerobed Air Mattress site to answer any questions you have about your purchase. For those who purchased their Aerobed Air Mattress on another website, the customer service on that site will handle the guarantee information.