I think this is the first time in a long time where I finished a book feeling absolutely furious which is why I waited a few hours before starting this review or else it would’ve been ugly. Please keep in mind that it’s not my intention to bash the author or clash with others that did enjoy the book. The blurb (which basically says nothing) wasn’t too helpful so I had to read a few reviews to get a sense of the book plot and believe me, I was intrigued. Nevertheless I went in with low expectations. One positive thing about this book was that it wasn’t boring. As angry and frustrated and strangely turned on as I was, I couldn’t put the book down so I have to give points for that. The first 15% of the book was very good – the heroine Amara is introduced as a caring and hardworking woman with a hot and attentive boyfriend Colin. Too bad everything after this point was a big bust for me.Due to the massive gambling debt her dad accumulated, he signed an agreement with the anti-hero Philip to give Amara to him as payment which was just plain weird from the start because there wasn’t a reason given to how her dad’s debt and Philip were related.

Even so, the ultimate decision to agree or not is Amara’s choice and to ensure that her mother gets treatments for her illness, Amara signs the contract Philip offers her. Without reading it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is to go to France and train how to be an escort for 2 years. Not sure why she had to go to France to do that. I felt like the author put that in so she could use the long distance as an excuse to force Amara to break up with Colin. Anyways, she goes to France unwillingly but in just days becomes accustomed to the training – taking racy pictures, have another female escort perform oral sex on her, and sexting through emails. There was absolutely zero plot development because the author decided to skip over the details and jump straight to many months later. For this part in particular, I feel extremely cheated. This was my face while I was reading it:

I think I would’ve liked this a little bit more if the heroine actually had a brain. Aside from that contract signing fiasco mentioned above, she almost gets herself killed in France because she left the house alone. Knowing that she needs to take a bodyguard with her or at least a driver, she does the SAME thing again: leaves the house alone!!!!! Well, duh, it’s no wonder she gets mauled again and barely escapes!!!On top of all this, the writing was terrible. I’ve read two other books from this author so I’m familiar with how she writes but in this book, it was like someone else wrote it. Each chapter would be a mini-cliffhanger because sentences were cut off, thoughts were incomplete, and as a whole the writing was just choppy. Here’s an example:“There were tears in her eyes when Amara finished divulging everything and, as she wiped her face and looked at her mother, she expected her to tell her a million things – a million things that were far from what her mother said when she finally spoke.”The chapter ends there…well I would love to know what her mom said, which is never disclosed.Then there were multiple editing errors spotted (like calling a widower a widow and grammar mistakes). The plot itself was ridiculous too. Who’s the hero of the book? Colin or Philip? And how does Amara have a grandfather who’s a sultan in Iran? The last sultan was in the 12th century by the way – use Google.

I did like the ending even though it was a cliffhanger.Once again, me not being able to suspend disbelief is why I couldn’t enjoy this book. You know what the saddest thing about this whole reading experience is? I’m actually going to be reading book 2 because I need answers and closure, both of which this book does not provide.Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.