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How I Use Email Automatic Responders

An email automatic responder or autoresponder is the second most important marketing tool I have to make money online. The first would be my hosting company. Without these 2 tools my internet marketing business is dead in the water.

In the world of internet marketing, millions of sites are fiercely competing with each other to gain new clients. For any ecommerce site to succeed, it must capture the interest and the trust of its visitors. It is not enough that your site is perfectly designed or has the latest in animation of content.

You should focus your efforts not only in attracting visitors but also in leading them to make a purchase. There are dozens of marketing strategies you can use to attract more buyers and pump up your sales. One of them is by establishing an excellent and professional reputation for prompt and efficient response.

As more potential customers visit your site, you should expect a flood of inquiries and requests for information. This is an excellent opportunity for you to capture more clients and lead them to buying from your site. Thus, it is important that you carry out an efficient and prompt response to every email you receive. The fastest and most effective way to do this is by utilizing an email automatic responder.

Autoresponder services use a computer program that automatically return a prewritten message to anyone who sends an email to your site. It is widely used for responding to consumer inquiries and visitor comments and suggestions.

Follow up automatic responders are also used by e-zines in responding to people who subscribe or unsubscribe to their online magazines. Companies, who send out their e-newsletter regularly, also use utoresponders.

How can effective autoresponder services help boost your business? The answer lies in its ability to return a prompt response to any e-mail the site receives. By responding rapidly and efficiently, you create a very good impression on your potential customer. Good email autorespondrs help you get important information back to these customers immediately. An effective autoresponder service helps you communicate your message promptly, creating a sense of professionalism and efficiency that your clients will definitely appreciate.

Another very important advantage of email automatic responders is that it saves time with multiple marketing tasks. Certainly, you do not have enough time to personally make and send all correspondence. Autoresponder services allows you to send thank you letters, newsletters, product information, brochures, orders etc. to hundreds of clients almost immediately and simultaneously. Autoresponder services are also indispensable in any email marketing campaign.

Choosing the right autoresponder is very important. What makes the best automatic responder? First, you should pick an autoresponder that is reliable and can give you 24/7 service. You cannot afford to lose a customer because your autoresponder failed to answer his query or request for information. The ability to respond promptly is the first thing you must look for in any automatic responder.

Another key factor you should consider when choosing Autoresponder servcies is flexibility. Good autoresponders allow you to customize unique responses that will have maximum effect on the customer. You should avoid creating an impression that the customer is communicating with a machine instead of a real human being.

An excellent email automatic responder lets you provide the information that is specifically targeted for what the potential customers are looking for. Because any email from potential customers essentially represent the customer’s intent on getting more information about your product, which can ultimately lead to direct sales, all emails are important. Thus, a top Autoresponder servcie must fulfill all these duties to help you boost your business.

For all of our autoresponder needs we prefer Aweber. They are very reasonably priced and have proved to be reliable and easy to use.

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How Many Keywords Should You Target?

So now what? Do we choose three to four of them.. five to eight? How many keywords should we be targeting? Initial instinct may say either one of the above ranges is appropriate, but let’s ignore our instincts for a minute and give it some more thought.

For this discussion, let’s assume our site sells women’s clothing.

We have our list and we see that the top 5 searched for keywords are:
women’s clothing – 9,282 women’s clothing shop – 3,885 plus size women’s clothing – 638 women’s sport clothing – 420 women’s clothing catalog – 322
(Numbers shown are approximate searches per day provided by Overture)
For our purposes, four out of the five keywords listed relate well to what we are trying to sell.

Our clothing is general women’s clothing so we can remove plus size women’s clothing from the list. So, here we have four keywords that are very relevant to our sites topic, receive lots of searches and everything looks just peachy.

So what’s the hitch? Well, unless your store name is Macy’s, Wal-Mart or some other big name clothing retailer, you’ve got many problems if your strategy is to only target these four phrases.

The biggest one being the amazing amount of competition you will be facing to achieve top rankings for these words, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Keyword competition is only one aspect of selecting good keywords.

The aspect we’re focusing on today is very simple in concept but for some reason many people/site owners don’t get it or choose to neglect it.

First, let’s get some perspective here. The five keywords listed above, after doing some quick math, bring in an approximate total of 15,000 searches per day according to Overture’s numbers.

9,282 3,885 638 420 + 322 ——– 14,547 total searches per day
That’s a lot of potential traffic, IF you rank highly for EACH one of those phrases. I can tell you now that if you spend the next 2 years tailoring your website for those phrases alone you’ll be lucky to exist in the top 40 results for all of them when the 2 years is up.

That’s a lot of time and work for mediocre results that will bring maybe .01% of those searches to your site. If we know anything by now about search habits it’s that users don’t like to stray much farther than page one then they move on to a new search term. Which just so happens to tie in perfectly with the concept we’re about to explain.

Search habits show that a user may initially type “women’s clothing” into a search engine to find what they are looking for. Once the search is complete and the results are displayed, they will probably click to a few of the top 5 ranking websites as well as some of the paid listings.

What the user generally ends up realizing after this process, is that the results being shown are entirely too vague in nature to find exactly what they are looking for. So what do they do next? They narrow down their search of course. Instead of women’s clothing they now type in something like “women’s tank tops”.

What’s this? They’re not searching for women’s clothing anymore? Of course they are, but instead of such a broad term as women’s clothing they search for more specific items to get better, more relevant search results.

This process continues until they find exactly what they are looking for (pink women’s tank top with silver sequins) or give up trying. So, with this knowledge in mind, let’s move on to the concept at hand.

When it comes to your website, what is it that you are actually trying to sell? Is it women’s clothing? Yes. But is that all? I should hope not. In addition to the overall theme of women’s clothing, you might have women’s tank tops, women’s jeans, skirts, shirts, accessories and many other individual products and categories that exist in the realm of women’s clothing.

This is where we get into the ‘more keywords’ is better idea. Every product, category and more importantly, page in your website should be targeting something different. If you have a category for women’s jeans, that page should target women’s jeans and two or three other variations of that search term.

If you have a product within the women’s jeans category name seven jeans A pocket style, that page should be targeting keywords consistent with seven jeans A pocket style. The goal here is to get specific with our keywords where appropriate.

Now, you may say, “But when I do my keyword research it shows hardly any searches for seven jeans A pocket style, so why would I target that keyword?” Well, regardless of what those numbers say one can never know for sure every search queried in the search engines.. So be honest with yourself and think, “If I wanted a pair of these jeans, what would I type in to Google?” Me, personally, I’d search for seven jeans A pocket style or A pocket seven jeans, etc. And chances are my site will rank much higher for that more specific/less competitive keyword than it would for something as competitive as women’s clothing.

Now, take this concept and apply it to all of your categories/products/pages and, depending on your inventory, you’ll begin to see why you should be targeting possibly hundreds of keywords at a time instead of three or four site wide.

To give us further reason to apply this method to our website, let’s look back to the previous numbers mentioned above. We saw approximately 15,000 searches a day for the top five women’s clothing searches performed according to Overture.

How does at best, a few searches a day for these very specific terms even compare? I’ll show you Using our search term suggestion tool we see approximately 10 searches a day performed for seven A pocket jeans, 45 searches a day for earl jeans and similar numbers down the line for all of our specific products and categories.

In the essence of time, let’s say on average our specific keywords get about 20 searches a day each, and we have a list of 120 specific keywords based on our products and categories.

So again, we’ll do some quick math. 20 searches per day X 120 keywords = 2,400 searches per day We can see from these numbers that with high rankings for our specific keywords we could potentially see 2,400 searches a day coming to our site.

This is by no means 15,000 but the truth is, you can eventually equal that number of total searches by expanding your keyword base over time and get much more targeted traffic in the process.

I’ll take 2,400 targeted visitors to my site over 15,000 general searches any day. Remember, the users searching for women’s clothing usually end up modifying their search to something more specific anyway.

So much of that traffic generated by a search for women’s clothing ends up in a quick visit then a quick click on the back button.

Whereas a user typing in seven jeans A pocket style clicks to your site and sees exactly what they are looking for.. That type of traffic is much more likely to end up in a sale, which is the ultimate goal for all of us.

If we lock down all of our specific products and categories with high rankings in the search engines we are ensuring that most of the traffic generated by our optimization efforts is highly targeted to what our site offers.

Women’s clothing is a great theme for your site, and should be optimized for (we will go over how to do this in another article).. But as far as sales, rankings and overall targeted traffic is concerned, we need to spread our reach well beyond women’s clothing to all areas of women’s clothing.

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Increase Your AdSense Revenues In Five Easy Steps

You too can Profit from the Internet….by Increasing Your AdSense Revenue Starting Today

Have you enrolled for the AdSense program already? If you have, are you left wondering why others seem to be making a killing (and we’re talking about 5 digit earnings here) while your monthly revenues can’t even reach a dollar?

Making money from the AdSense program, you see, has developed into a science of sorts. One can’t simply join and expect a windfall of monetary gains to come his way. There are steps to follow and some work to be done.

But first, let’s discuss what this hoopla over AdSense is all about. By enrolling in the AdSense program, you are allowing their system to display contextually relevant advertisements in your pages. By “contextually relevant,” we mean advertisements that are related to the focus of your website. For example, your site is dedicated to dogs. AdSense would send advertisements that target the dog owners who will be visiting your site. Ads for dog grooming services, dog training items and the likes will be prominently displayed on your web pages.

So, what’s in it for you? Well, you get to earn a certain sum every time a visitor of yours would click on the ads. Granted that the earnings per click won’t even be able to buy you a chewing gum, you have to remember that the net is all about numbers. What if you have 15,000 visitors a day? What if 1% of them decide to click on the ads? What if each click is worth 10 cents? You’ll earn $775 a month!

If this still isn’t good enough for you, think of the possible earnings if you have 9 other enrolled sites that harness the same amount of cash each month.

So are you convinced now? The most difficult part about making money through the AdSense program is setting things up. Afterwards, when a consistent click through rate (CTR) has been established, you could rest your laurels and enjoy as your site becomes a cash cow that will earn you thousands of dollars a month after month after month.

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Here are some tried and tested steps to consider in setting up your AdSense-enrolled website.

Integrate them to your website design in a way that they would look like normal links. The common mistake that most webmasters make is that they segregate the ads so as not to hamper with the pages’ flow. Worse, some of them place the ads at the bottom of each page. Don’t do this. Place the ads somewhere prominent that they can be mistaken for regular links. Remember, you will be paid per click.

It is highly recommended that you use white as the background color for your web pages. Otherwise the AdSense ads would just look like a disjointed bundle that your visitors would simply ignore.

You could design your pages to have your links in vertical order, with your AdSense ads on top of them. This would give your visitors the impression that the AdSense ads are part of the links you have provided. This strategy has been proven as an effective means of increasing your CTR.

You could arrange your AdSense ads to be presented in a vertical fashion, contained in a rectangular box on the left or the right side of your pages. This way, your visitors would always see the ads as they scroll down each page.

Some profess that by changing their background color to be similar to their links color, their AdSense revenues doubled. The principle behind this method is that the ad links would be invisible to the visitor, thereby making it probable that he’ll inadvertently click on a link. There are ethical questions to consider of course, but you could always blame it on poor web design.

The AdSense program holds so much promise for the dedicated webmaster. All that you need is already there. All you have to do is to pick them up and watch them transform into gold.

Making money from the AdSense program has developed into a science of sorts. One can’t simply join and expect a windfall of monetary gains to come his way. There are steps to follow and some work to be done.

Conclusions and some practical tips.

There you have it! You too can Profit From AdSense Ad’s on your websites.
Simply play by the rules and your sure to come out a winner.