I finally got the promotion that I had been working for after so many years. I started at the company at a base level position, and through hard work, I was able to give excellent performance until my boss decided that it was time to move up. I watched other people get promoted before me, and sometimes it seemed like my time would never come, but I didn’t give up. I was so happy about the promotion that I hired a Las Vegas GFE escort. Happiness is best shared with other people, and I wanted to share my happiness with an escort.

This wasn’t the first time that I hired an escort. I’ve done so before, but not for celebration. Usually when I did it, it was because I wanted to relax after work. Working for so many hours can begin to take a toll on a person, and if you don’t have a minute to unwind and relieve some stress, you’ll probably go crazy. Hanging out with the escort and sharing some intimate moments help me take my mind of work and fueled my drive to work harder toward my promotion.

On my first day of work after the promotion, my day was a whole lot busier. I had more to do because of my job and my day was even more stressful than it was when I had my old position. I was getting worn out in the middle of the day and had to drink a couple of cups of coffee. Even though I had more responsibility, I was still glad that I got the promotion because I was getting more money for the extra work that I was doing. At the end of that week, I hired an escort again to help myself relax from a stressful work week.