P.S. I actually make that squeeeeeee-ing noise. Like, out loud not in my head.
P.P.S. Everyone hates it. 
P.P.P.S. I do it anyway!

So anywhoooo, last year on March 28, I stumbled on this site called Goodreads and never really stumbled off of it. It’s weird because I actually had an account since 2009 but never used it until last year when my interest in books started. And so around that time, while everyone was naming Fifty Shades of Grey or some other book as “the book” that got them back into reading again, I name Goodreads, the website. Without this wonderful reader-friendly site I never would have gotten to read the books I’ve read, meet some awesome, amazing friends (some who are my best friends now) and just chat about books in general and give/receive book recommendations!!! It’s no secret that my blog is VERY Goodreads-friendly and I plan to keep it that way ^_^

And so fast forward a year and here I am now!! To me, a Goodreadsiversary is just as important (probably more important) than say, a blogiversary so I’ve been planning something grand for a while now. I have a couple of prizes to give away and the first thing that came to mind were reading devices! I know a couple of Goodreads friends and some blog followers said they either read on their phones or computer and let’s face it…having a huge ass screen or a teeny tiny one where you might need magnifying glasses is just not cool when you’re trying to enjoy a book so I have two grand prizes: one winner will receive a Kindle Fire HD and another winner a Kindle Paperwhite. Both are loaded with 28 of my favorite books!! (I wish I could add more but the graphic ran out of room hehe). The 28 ebooks are mainly 2014 favorites and then I threw in some of my all-time favorites. 

Next there are 4 $25 Amazon gift cards up for grabs for four winners! Aside from signed paperbacks and e-reader devices, gift cards are my next favorite things to give away and I’m sure if you won one, you could put this gift card to good use 

The next few prizes have a special meaning! Like I said, without Goodreads there would be TONS of books and authors I’d never heard of and the following are the first few to come to mind:
Abbi GlinesAleatha RomigCJ RobertsJessica SorensenK.A. LindeJ. Lynn
Seriously I never would’ve heard of them without Goodreads so the next prizes are signed paperbacks from those authors! To commemorate this special day, I am even willing to part with 1 of my 2 signed indie sets of the Too Far series by Abbi Glines and give them to one of the winners.

The last two prizes will be huge, and I say that because my house is overflowing with swag: swag that I picked up from before and from the Austin Book Fest last week and swag that I made myself! Unsigned swag, signed swag, you name it, I pretty much have it in my house and I’d love to give some of those goodies away! 
So there you have it! 14 prizes for 14 winners! Giveaway will run for 2 weeks and is open to everyone! Happy Goodreadsiversary!